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Links & Resources

Public Interest Sites

Western Environmental Law Center
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Society of Professional Journalists
Electronic Privacy Information Center
American Civil Liberties Union FOIA page
Freedom of Information Project
Open Oregon
Brechner Center for Freedom of Information
Freedom of Information Act Help Center
Virginia Coalition for Open Government
FOI Advocate
First Amendment Project
Project on Government Oversight
Citizen Access Project
Kansas Freedom of Information Center

Government Sites

     5 U.S.C. § 552(a)(2)(E), requires agencies to make available a general index of the previously released records which have been or are likely to be the subject of additional requests. Moreover, the Amendments require agencies to ensure that any records which have been the subject of a FOIA request or are likely to be the subject of additional requests and are created after November 1, 1996, be posted on the Internet in "electronic reading rooms." Note that it is often possible to submit FOIA requests by email if the documents you seek are not already posted in the electronic reading rooms. However, our review of the Internet indicates that the quality and usability of these web sites varies tremendously. The Department of Justice has a generally good site which we recommend in particular to first time FOIA web-surfers. Below is a partial listing of U.S. Government web sites. Note that many states also are now posting more information on the Internet as well.

As a starting point, the United States government maintains a web-based gateway to all internet sites available to the public. It is called FirstGov and it can be found at:

See also:

The Freedom of Information Act
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DOJ FOIA index page
Principal Agency FOIA contacts
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List of FOIA "Electronic Reading Rooms
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U.S.D.A. FOIA Home page
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U.S. Geological Survey FOIA Home page
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Bureau of Land Management FOIA Home page
Minerals Management Service FOIA Home page
Office of Surface Mining FOIA Home page

FOIA Home page:
Dept. of State FOIA Home page
Dept. of Treasury FOIA Home page
CIA FOIA Home page
Export - Import Bank FOIA Home page
National Archives and Records Administration FOIA Home page
Nuclear Regulatory Commission FOIA Home page
Government Printing Office Home Page
(Note: the GPO maintains online copies of the Federal Register, Congressional Record, Executive Orders, etc.)

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